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Name Class Year Rank Death War Hometown
Thomas R. Morris 1964 CPT 06/25/1968 Vietnam Malden, MA
John T. Coll Jr. 1966 1LT 11/17/1967 Vietnam Madison, NJ
Donald Dumont 1946 SSGT 06/20/1945 WWII Lowell, MA
Daniel M. Kellett 1964 1LT 12/08/1966 Vietnam Jamaica Plain, MA
James L. Maguire 1938 PFC 11/26/1944 WWII Jamaica Plain, MA
Michael P. Vaughan 1965 1LT 06/24/1968 Vietnam Jamaica Plain, MA
Joseph B. Carty 1946 PVT 11/29/1944 WWII Hyde Park, MA
Michael B. Counihan 1967 SGT 11/01/1968 Vietnam Hyde Park, MA
James K. Hastings 1939 MSGT 11/06/1944 WWII Greenwood, MA
Thomas P. Lufkin 1966 LTJG 03/07/1969 Vietnam Gloucester, MA
John E. Dubzinski 1944 SSGT 04/22/1945 WWII Gardner, MA
William F. Lafferty 1946 PVT 10/25/1945 WWII Everett, MA
Edward J. Murphy Jr. 1956 MAJ 11/17/1967 Vietnam Everett, MA
Michael J. Monahan 1968 PFC 10/26/1966 Vietnam Dracut, MA
Francis A. Cahill 1939 LT 08/21/1944 WWII Dorchester, MA
Edward R. Callahan 1935 CPL 09/24/1945 WWII Dorchester, MA
James G. Flannery 1946 PVT 11/26/1944 WWII Dorchester, MA
Daniel J. Minahan 1966 1LT 01/22/1969 Vietnam Dorchester, MA
Arthur J. McSweeney 1935 SSGT 09/18/1944 WWII Dorchester
Dennis J. Reardon 1967 1LT 11/29/1969 Vietnam Cohasset, MA
Jack R. Brodsky 1940 PFC 01/07/1943 WWII Chelsea, MA
Richard F. Curran 1940 PFC 04/17/1945 WWII Charlestown, MA
Michael J. O’Neil 1941 2LT 12/08/1943 WWII Charlestown, MA
William H. Broley 1939 1LT 05/14/1943 WWII Centerdale, RI
David I. Calnan 1943 ENS 07/27/1944 WWII Cambridge, MA
John M. Dwyer 1930 PFC 07/17/1944 WWII Cambridge, MA
James A. Matthews 1945 SSGT 03/07/1945 WWII Brooklyn, NY
Thomas J. Connelly 1940 LT 05/01/1945 WWII Brookline, MA
Herbert Ellis Jr. 1945 SSGT 07/24/1944 WWII Brookline, MA
Martin J. Gibbons 1945 SGT 05/14/1944 WWII Brookline, MA
Robert D. Hauer 1968 CPT 09/05/1970 Vietnam Brookline, MA
John W. Kelley 1945 SGT 11/22/1944 WWII Brookline, MA
Bernard M. Harb 1949 PVT 04/21/1946 WWII Brockton, MA
Robert J. Larkin 1942 ENS 05/25/1944 WWII Brockton, MA
Louis D. Dobbin II 1965 1LT 05/18/1967 Vietnam Brighton, MA
Frederic L. Kiley 1932 1LT 02/22/1945 WWII Brighton, MA
John C. Farren 1946 PFC 11/17/1944 WWII Boston, MA
Richard L. O’Leary 1966 2LT   Vietnam Boston, MA
Christopher H. Markey 1968 2LT 01/06/1970 Vietnam Birmingham, MI
Henry H. Connolly 1937 Lieut. M.C. (G) U.S.N.R. 52nd Naval Construction Battalion 01/05/1943 WWII Beverly, Massachusetts
Edward M. Kearns 1930 SSGT 09/12/1944 WWII Belmont, MA
Joseph E. Kendall 1944 PFC 11/15/1944 WWII Belmont, MA
James P. Markham 1945 PFC   WWII Belmont, MA
John R. Tierney 1946 2LT 08/29/1944 WWII Arlington, Massachusetts
John J. Farrell, Jr. 1944 SSGT 11/08/1944 WWII Arlington, MA
Joseph X. Grant 1961 CPT 11/13/1966 Vietnam Arlington, MA
George T. Malone 1943 2LT 06/21/1944 WWII Arlington, MA
James E. Flynn 1944 SSGT 01/13/1945 WWII Allston, MA
Edward R. Ahearn 1937 LT 04/05/1946 WWII  
Thomas A. Barry 1932 LT 08/04/1943 WWII  

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