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Name Class Year Rank Death War Hometown
John H. Wallace Jr. 1945 1LT 03/23/1945 WWII  
David I. Walsh 1942 TSGT 07/23/1944 WWII  
Edward A. Walsh 1941 1LT 06/24/1943 WWII  
James F. Walsh   PFC   WWII  
Raymond A. Wardell 1928 PVT 08/05/1944 WWII  
James E. Welch Jr. 1911 CPT 09/14/1918 WWI  
Joseph J. Welsh 1942 2LT 01/08/1943 WWII  
Robert H. White 1945 ENS   WWII  
Charles T. Willock Jr. 1943 2LT 05/01/1942 WWII  
Charles G. Wolfe 1940 LTjg 12/18/1944 WWII  

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